Format: CD
Label: CARUS
Rel. Date: 07/08/2022
UPC: 4009350835252

Die Jahreszeiten - The Seasons
Artist: Haydn / Concerto Koln / Morsch
Format: CD

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Joseph Haydn's oratorios "Die Jahreszeiten" [The Seasons] and "Die Schöpfung" [The Creation] are closely intellectually connected with each other: whilst The Creation paints a picture of the world coming into existence, The Seasons is about it's existence and the cyclical growth and decay of nature over the course of a year. With it's powerful depictions of nature, this musical journey through the year is one of the most popular compositions by the Viennese classical composer. In many respects, Haydn's late work The Seasons follows on from formal elements in The Creation, but he continues these in independent, innovative ways, and draws on the full range of compositional effects. Conducted by Marcus Creed, this recording with the Orpheus Vocal Ensemble, renowned soloists, and the musicians of Concerto Köln uses the new critical edition of the work from Carus-Verlag.