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Format: CD
Label: TCET
Rel. Date: 02/05/2021
UPC: 4009850026709

Complete Piano Sonatas 5
Artist: Scarlatti / Ullrich
Format: CD

More Info:

The pianist Christoph Ullrich has tested positive for Scarlatti and is quarantining at home for three months to prepare for the next wave. The Scarlatti virus is extremely infectious. A person infected with it can easily infect up to 100 other people. Previous releases from TACET's complete edition of Scarlatti are regarded as particularly dangerous superspreader events. Symptoms include continuous listening to these recordings, sleeplessness and a good mood. The producer is said even to have shown signs of mental confusion. Gerd Finkenstein knows this material intimately and has been present at all the recording sessions in this TACET series with his concert grand. Even such a large instrument does not offer sufficient protection: Finkenstein has also tested positive. He said, "I can no longer sleep at night, I toss and turn from one side to the other and keep waking up in a good mood." The illness originates not in China, as many maintain, but from Italy, either from Parma or Venice, maybe even both cities, according to Thomas Seedorf, chief virologist of the TACET series. He advices sticking rigidly to the H-F-S ("Hands-Face-Space") rules better known as "Hear - Frequently - Scarlatti!". Thomas Seedorf: "Don't read this information! It's incendiary. Thomas Seedorf: "Don't read this information! It's incendiary. If you have already read it, contact the Ministry for Musical Health and follow the instructions you are given."