Format: CD
Label: ORFEO
Rel. Date: 05/05/2023
UPC: 4011790260228

Grete Minde
Artist: Engel / Pantelic / Isene
Format: CD

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"?This recording of Eugen Engel's opera Grete Minde documents an extraordinary event: the only opera by the formerly unknown composer was premiered at Theater Magdeburg on February 13th 2022, almost 90 years after it's completion and 80 years after the death of it's creator. This deferred debut was preceded by years of behind-the-scenes work - the compilation of musical material from the handwritten manuscript, as well as biographical research on Engel himself. The fact that only few historical references to him exist is partly due to the fact that music was not his main profession; the primary cause, however, is the persecution and murder of almost his entire family during the Shoah (Holocaust).