Format: CD
Rel. Date: 10/06/2023
UPC: 4012116426830

Artist: Latin-Jazz Sinfonica & German Pops Orchestra
Format: CD


1. Just for tonight
2. Kaleidoskop
3. El Lupo
4. Fiumicino
5. Sperare
6. Lupus
7. L'eredita
8. Carissimo
9. Little Waltz In Five (Intro)
10. Little Waltz In Five
11. The Sectret Story
12. Esperanca

More Info:

KALEIDOSKOP is a colorful fusion of Latin rhythms, jazz, and symphonic elements. Captivating melodies, great solos; a declaration of love for life.


KALEIDOSKOP is the impressive debut album by the orchestra Latin-Jazz Sinfónica. This musical masterpiece offers a captivating fusion of Latin rhythms, jazz, and symphonic elements. Composed by Julia H. M. Diederich, Christoph König, Heiko Gottberg, and Matthias Anton, the album presents finely tuned and interlocking rhythms that create a kaleidoscope of jazzy symphonies.


The ensemble's remarkable performances are highlighted, with Kristjan Randalu's virtuoso piano, Wim de Vries' mesmerizing drumming, and Uli Röser's soulful trombone solos contributing to the outstanding sound aesthetic.


Each composition on "KALEIDOSKOP" explores the various facets of life, reflecting its ups and downs, challenges, inner movements, and meaningful encounters. Julia Diederich's compositions particularly stand out, exhibiting her love for classical piano and violin concertos within a film music format, alongside jazz and Latin influences. Notably, "The Secret Story" showcases her distinct style, blending classical and jazz motifs seamlessly.


The centerpiece of the album, "Carissimo," exemplifies the orchestra's affinity for classical music. The piece unfolds with emotional depth, engaging the listeners in its rich symphonic textures. "El Lupo" takes center stage, a driving fusion jazz piece adorned with razor-sharp horn sections, an electrifying drum solo, and a thrilling alto sax performance. "L'eredità" brings a cinematic experience to life, reminiscent of Hollywood's golden age. Despite its brevity, the big-band swing piece is replete with musical colors and emotions. "Just for Tonight" portrays the longing for a peaceful night's sleep and dreams, expressed through eloquent melodies. In "Kaleidoscope" Julia Diederich reflects her childhood fascination for colorful glass stones and kaleidoscopes. Through her compositions and the orchestra's performances, she weaves a musical declaration of love for life and an affair of the heart.


A must-have for orchestral-sound lovers.

Latin-Jazz Sinfónica & GermanPops Orchestra - Kaleidoskop