Format: CD
Rel. Date: 03/18/2022
UPC: 4014063432421

Living Is Easy Mostly
Artist: Paulo Morello / Francel,Mulo / Faller,Sven
Format: CD


1. Just the Two of Us Again
2. Smalltown Girls
3. One for Nieb
4. Entre As Ondas
5. Living Is Easy, Mostly
6. One More Gin for Elizabeth
7. Letter from the Heartland
8. Chateau Plagne
9. Tender Melody
10. Oh Spring!
11. Waiting
12. Anna
13. Sad Blues
14. With the Poet in Italia

More Info:

Paulo Morello, Mulo Francel and Sven Faller, three friends who have moved around the world in various formations over the years. Three extravagant exponents of the European jazz and world music scene. In this new trio, both their outstanding individual qualities as players and their blind interplay come into their own. Intimate interplay, multi-faceted grooves, virtuoso inventiveness and artful melodic counterpoint characterise the ensemble. The fact that all three have also distinguished themselves as composers is reflected in the varied programme of selected original compositions. The musicians report: The songs were mostly written while we were working on this album. Whereas work is actually not an appropriate word for our lustful interactive play. So they retreated for days to Sven Faller's studio and fine-tuned the songs.