Faure / Coppey / Dumont - Faure Authentique - Complete Works For Cello


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 05/17/2024
UPC: 4022143978257

Faure Authentique - Complete Works For Cello
Artist: Faure / Coppey / Dumont
Format: CD

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Gabriel Faure, a master of song, piano and chamber music, particularly appreciated the modulation-rich sound of the erard grand piano. It's rich overtones and clear bass tones made it the ideal instrument for the French salon. This release presents not only Faure's musical vision, but also the sound world of the erard grand piano, which played an important role in the musical scene at the time. Marc Coppey fully embraces the fluid rhetoric of Faure's musical language. His interpretation deliberately eschews stylistically unfamiliar permanent espressivo and instead delves deep into the nuances and facets of Faure's compositions. "Faure authentique" thus presents not only musical brilliance, but also an authentic journey through the French composer's complete works for cello and piano, embedded in the beautiful sound of the erard grand piano.