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Format: CD
Label: MSR
Rel. Date: 03/12/2021
UPC: 4028466911759

Face This Burn
Artist: Holy Mother
Format: CD


1. Face This Burn
2. Love Is Dead
3. Legends
4. No Death Reborn
5. The Truth
6. Prince of the Garden
7. Wake Up America
8. Mesmerized By Hate
9. Today
10. The River
11. Superstar

More Info:

This album is a reunion of Mike Tirelli and James Harris, the songwriting duo and founding members of Holy Mother. Their passion for music and their deep appreciation for the Holy Mother fans brought them back together to record this album. Guitarist Greg Giordano was recruited after numerous recommendations, after Mike and Jim saw his monster guitar solo skills performed live. Music fans can expect great, modern, hard-driving, bang your head music with powerhouse vocalist Mike Tirelli leading the way. This album is dedicated to the memory of their dear friend and former bassist Randy Coven with whom Holy Mother recorded six albums.