Alice Cooper - Theatre Of Death - Live At Hammersmith 2009 [Red 2LP + DVD + Numbered Ticket]


Format: Vinyl
Label: earMUSIC
Rel. Date: 03/08/2024
UPC: 4029759170907

Theatre Of Death - Live At Hammersmith 2009 [Red 2LP + DVD + Numbered Ticket]
Artist: Alice Cooper
Format: Vinyl


1. Schoolís Out
2. Department Of Youth
3. Iím Eighteen
4. Wicked Young Man
5. Ballad Of Dwight Fry
6. Go To Hell
7. Guilty
8. Welcome To My Nightmare
9. Cold Ethyl
10. Poison
11. The Awakening
12. From The Inside
13. Nurse Rozetta
14. Is It My Body?


1. Be My Lover
2. Only Women Bleed
3. I Never Cry
4. The Black Widow
5. Vengeance Is Mine
6. Devilís food
7. Dirty Diamond
8. Billion Dollar Babies
9. Killer
10. I Love The Dead
11. No More Mr. Nice Guy
12. Under My Wheels
13. Schoolís Out


1. Concert Movie of the whole show - DVD

More Info:

Step into the electrifying realm of Alice Cooper with the exhilarating "Theatre Of Death - Live At Hammersmith 2009." This captivating live album perfectly captures the essence of Cooper's legendary performance at Hammersmith Apollo, London. Immerse yourself in the theatrical spectacle as the iconic shock rocker delivers a spine-tingling show, featuring timeless hits like "No More Mr. Nice Guy," "School's Out," and "Poison."

Experience the infectious energy of the crowd and witness Cooper's unparalleled showmanship as he weaves a macabre tale on stage. This album not only highlights the music but also showcases the theatrical mastery that has established Alice Cooper as a pioneer in the realm of rock spectacles. The recording transports you to the heart of the concert, making it an essential addition for both devoted fans and those new to the electrifying world of Alice Cooper.

Featuring a track list that reads like a greatest hits compilation, "Theatre Of Death" takes you on a sonic journey through Cooper's illustrious career. The raw intensity of his vocals, combined with the precision of the band, creates an unforgettable experience. This album serves as a testament to Alice Cooper's enduring influence and a celebration of his status as a true rock icon.

"Theatre Of Death - Live At Hammersmith 2009" is a spellbinding musical odyssey that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Enhance your music collection with this live masterpiece, now available on vinyl for the very first time. Pressed on a limited run of 180g double red vinyl, it includes a DVD featuring the entire concert. As a special bonus, each edition comes with a numbered concert ticket replica, immersing you in the world of horror and making this release a must-have collector's item.