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Format: CD
Label: COVC
Rel. Date: 04/02/2021
UPC: 4039956920120

Artist: Abend-Andacht / Various
Format: CD

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It was a catastrophe of unimaginable proportions: The Thirty Years' War brought with it problems for those who had to experience it that seem unimaginable to us today. Not only the immediate violence of war, but also consequences such as looting, famine, epidemics and rape were the order of the day for almost everyone. The ensemble Paper Kite has set it's sights on the impact of these traumas on the history of mentality and explored them from different perspectives in text and music. The textual sources are the diary of Abbot Maurus Friesenegger of Andechs and the notes of a simple mercenary. The psalm texts and poetry on which the music is based speak of the constant presence of death in the lives of people in the 17th century. All in all, a fascinating picture of this gloomy time emerges - and of the amazing human ability to still find something positive in all the misery.