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Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 04/16/2021
UPC: 4040824090234

Cottage Songs (Blk) [Limited Edition]
Artist: Naomi Lewis
Format: Vinyl


1. How Do?
2. Life Is Song
3. Dear Friend
4. I Have a Blue Sky
5. Get on Down
6. I'm the Lucky One
7. You Keep Me Warm
8. Mellowside
9. Woodhive Day 1
10. Children of the Light 1
11. Gonna Find Me a Rainbow 1
12. Seasons

More Info:

Back in 1975, singer-songwriter Naomi Lewis entered the studio to record her first album, Cottage Songs. The result was a beautiful album inspired by family, friends, got and nature. And also, an obscure secret is known by very few. Lewis' songs are equally inspired by popular music like The Beatles and Joni Mitchell as psychedelic sounds and her lyrics spill out as small diary entries, written as gift for one friend or another. Blending touchstones of soft rock, pop and dreamy singer-songwriters with Lewis' cherubic voice, her albums have been praised as pinnacles of the privately- issued folk movement of the 1970s.