Format: CD
Label: MDD
Rel. Date: 07/14/2023
UPC: 4042564229455

Sadistic Nightmares
Artist: Intoxicated
Format: CD


1. Street Metal Bastards
2. Merciless
3. Bad Habits
4. Sold Our Souls
5. Sadistic Night
6. Violation
7. Sex, Violence ; Death
8. Howling with the Wolves

More Info:

Rock'n Roll Speed Attack!

The North Germans Intöxicated have been playing the stages since 2009. Their debut "Rock'n Roll Hellpatröl", released in 2013, immediately caused a sensation and brought the band a lot of attention beyond the country's borders with several effusive reviews. In the end, the Corona Pandemic also made a significant contribution to the fact that it should take a full 10 years until the long-awaited successor, "Sadistic Nightmares", lands on the shelves.

On the 8 songs on hand, the guys celebrate their very own way of building a bridge between snotty rock'n roll and classic speed/thrash metal. "Sadistic Nightmateres" is an album full of sweat and dirty rock that doesn't deny its influences but still comes across fresh and unspent.

The iconic album artwork is by Dark Dungeons Atelier. Recorded at Soundlodge Recordings under the wing of Jörg Uken, Intöxicated return in 2023 full of joy with a true "Rock'n Roll Speed Attack"!

Rock'n Roll Speed Attack! Second album of germanys Thrash/Rock'n Roll Maniacs! an album full of sweat and dirty rock that doesn't deny its influences.

Intöxicated - Sadistic Nightmares