Format: CD
Label: MDD
Rel. Date: 12/29/2023
UPC: 4042564233636

Artist: Verderbnis
Format: CD


1. I Am the Wolf
2. Venemous Embrace
3. Walking Through Forgotten Forests
4. Paria
5. Lebenswinters Wanderschaft
6. Des Kranichs Flug
7. Dusk Maiden
8. Ein Wind Fl├╝stert Den Tod
9. Satanizer Terrorizer

More Info:

Verderbnis - Paria / Melodic Black Metal masterpiece. Aggressive rage and epic monumental moments, Progressivity and hypnotic monotony. Almost unique! / Driven by the common vision of a black metal sound, which besides strong melodies, unforgettable riffs and melodic guitar work never forgets a raw musical brutality and uncompromisingness. Above these floats a strong and always variable guttural vocals, which is also not averse to clear and epic moments and lyrically uses a rich imagery of pagan, pagan or necromantic occult influences.