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Format: CD
Label: BGRT
Rel. Date: 11/20/2020
UPC: 4050538621051

Apart Together
Artist: Tim Minchin
Format: CD

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"For the past twenty years, I've always written from a point of view. It could be a pseudo-classical song about putting your baby to bed. Or an Austrian drinking song about the Catholic church. Or from the perspective of a six year-old child who's a genius. That's great. But this isn't that. This is about what fills the available space when you pause for a moment." It says a lot about Tim Minchin that even when he pauses to take stock, the very opposite seems to happen. In this case, the "opposite" is a brand new studio album, Apart Together. That it's taken Minchin until now to release his first "proper" album speaks volumes about the twists and turns his career has taken since he made the 14,500 mile journey to London from Perth in the hope of finding an audience for a kohl-eyed, shock-headed musical comedian.