For The Fallen Dreams - For The Fallen Dreams


Format: Vinyl
Label: Arising Empire
Rel. Date: 04/05/2024
UPC: 4056813335477

For The Fallen Dreams
Artist: For The Fallen Dreams
Format: Vinyl

More Info:

Limited white and blue colored vinyl LP pressing. What's that old saying again? The more things change, the more they stay the same-right? When it comes to Michigan based metal outfit For the Fallen Dreams, perhaps a more fitting-but just as timeless-adage would be change is the only constant. With a career defined by constant progression and dedication to refining and rejuvenating their unique brand of aggressive, passionate metal, For the Fallen Dreams have consistently demonstrated an incredible ability to adapt and evolve their sound and dynamic despite overwhelming adversity-and all without sacrificing the core components of their sound. Built around explosive breakdowns, gut-wrenching grooves and lyricism that touches on everything from an introspective glimpse into the human condition to brotherhood and camaraderie, these Midwestern masters of metal have made themselves a staple within the international heavy music community.