Format: Vinyl
Label: LAPS
Rel. Date: 07/02/2021
UPC: 4062548019261

Black Mill Tapes
Artist: Pye Corner Audio
Format: Vinyl

More Info:

Vinyl LP pressing. Pye Corner Audio's enduring relationship with Lapsus Records is something we take great pride in at the label. We are therefore extremely excited to announce Black Mill Tapes (10th Anniversary Box), which will be the sixth release on our Perennial Series. In the beginning, there was just a box of tapes and "Fate's Gentle Hand." It was the autumn of 2010, and an anonymous figure known only as the Head Technician, an employee of Pye Corner Audio Transcription Services ("Magnetically aligning ferrous particles since 1970"), found himself at an auction in the village of Coldred, pop. 110. He was on the hunt for tobacco pipes when he chanced across a trio of boxes listed in the auction catalog, which described their contents only as "archived magnetic recordings." The sole bidder, he won the lot, and upon receipt of his purchase took possession of an unspecified number of mouldering cassettes and ¼" reel-to-reel tapes. The collection contained no identifying information save for a single phrase scrawled on each box: "Black Mill Sessions." And so, armed with razors, eyedroppers, and a bevy of solid-state circuitry, the Head Technician sat down at his machines and got to work.