Format: CD
Label: WEA INT'L
Rel. Date: 01/27/2023
UPC: 4065629634803

At The Heart Of Wintervale [Deluxe] (Hol)
Artist: Twilight Force
Format: CD


1. Twilight Force
2. At the Heart of Wintervale
3. Dragonborn
4. Highlands of the Elder Dragon
5. Skynights of Aldaria
6. A Familiar Memory
7. Sunlight Knight
8. The Last Crystal Bearer
9. The Sapphire Dragon of Arcane Might Is Back Again
10. Skyknights of Aldaria (Orchestral Version)
11. The Last Crystal Bearer (Orchestral Version

More Info:

Twilight Force, Swedish symphonic power metal band led by the voice of Alessandro Conti, release their fourth studio album. The cover was once again created by the talented Kerem Beyit. It depicts the story told in the title track: An evil curse is broken and an ancient dragon can finally once again roam the realms, free and unfettered!