Aborted - Vault Of Horrors


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 03/15/2024
UPC: 4065629681739

Vault Of Horrors
Artist: Aborted
Format: CD


1. Dreadbringer
2. Condemned to Rot
3. Brotherhood of Sleep
4. Death Cult
5. Hellbound
6. Insect Politics
7. The Golgothan
8. The Shape of Hate
9. Naturom Demonto
10. Malevolent Haze

More Info:

With their ability to compose and perform an uncompromising mix of death metal and grindcore, complemented with provocative artwork and merchandise designs, Aborted became an essential pioneer of the extreme metal scene and released 11 successful full-length albums since the mid Nineties. After releasing music and playing worldwide tours for almost 30 years, mastermind Sven de Caluwe and his band still push their musical boundaries and reinvent themselves constantly. In October 2022, the band released the much-lauded single "Infinite Terror" and embarked on a US tour with Lorna Shora before locking themselves up to complete work on 12th studio opus, "Vault Of Horrors", out via Nuclear Blast Records in 2024.