Format: CD
Rel. Date: 06/17/2022
UPC: 4250444190072

Deraps [Digipak]
Artist: Deraps
Format: CD


1. Invasion
2. Sex, Drugs ; Rock N' Roll
3. My Side of Town
4. Live Fast Die Slow
5. Veins of My Heart
6. E'Lizabeth
7. Make Ya Groove
8. Wild to the Woman
9. On My Mind
10. Fuck Off
11. Ballroom Blitz

More Info:

The self-titled explosive hard rock debut album of the Canadian-Australian power trio consisting of lead singer-guitarist Jacob Deraps (who has already won several young talent awards in his home country), as well as bassist William Lachance and drummer-vocalist Josh Gallagher. The album brings together 11 songs full of energetic rock 'n' roll riffs, polished guitar solos and perfectly tuned harmony vocals.Deraps capture the sound and essence of rock 'n' roll with their music. The band's sound leads directly back to California's Sunset Strip of the late 70's, when a new generation of bands rocked the global scene, led by Van Halen, who heavily influenced the members of Deraps.Already last year 2020, the band's first independent single 'Sex, Drugs & Rock N' Roll' was voted song of the week at Classic Rock Magazine (UK).