Format: Vinyl
Label: Running Back
Rel. Date: 11/18/2022
UPC: 4251804138673

Open Door
Artist: Losoul
Format: Vinyl

More Info:

In certain circles, this is a record that would easily be called 'eternal'. Back in 1996, when it was originally released, it sounded like nothing else - and still does. The sixth record of Frankfurt's soon to be huge Playhouse label and Losoul's first outing on the label, it hot-wired many things at once: house and techno, US roots and European fruits, grittiness and wittiness, high tech funk, the expansion of playtimes and the concept of minimalism in dance music. Elegance meets effectiveness. Daniel Bell licensed it to his Elevate label and commissioned a very young Theo Parrish to remix it. Michel de Hey did the same with his EC Records, featuring a remix by Gerd among others. Here you finally get both of these carefully restored, remastered and reissued next to the originals. Amply placed on a double 12', it also features the previously unreleased track 'D1'. Stemming from the same time and era as 'Open Door', it feels like a long lost companion. Addictive as on the very first day and here to stay.