Ablinger / Janacek / Millet - Key Words - Piano Parlando 2


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 05/10/2024
UPC: 4260052386521

Key Words - Piano Parlando 2
Artist: Ablinger / Janacek / Millet
Format: CD

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"Keywords", the title of this two-part concept album, uses the English word "key" ambiguously: it stands for both the piano key and the key. With one exception, the album contains key words from piano music of the 20th and 21st centuries, in a very personal selection with some first recordings. They aim to explore a fundamental question of musical interpretation and composition, "how to address people with music." This does not mean the idea of somehow making music speak. Rather, they are themselves "speaking" works, i.e. piano music that contains explicit or hidden messages, refers to poems, incorporates language, words or syllables, conducts dialogues and dialogues, can be read as a diary or tells entire stories. And it is also the piano itself that appears in "voices" - whispering, stuttering, calling, hesitating. Lotte Thaler