Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 04/07/2023
UPC: 4260072728493

More Boss Black Rockers 1: Guitar Pickin' / Var
Artist: More Boss Black Rockers 1: Guitar Pickin' / Var
Format: Vinyl


1. Chicken, Baby, Chicken
2. She's a Fine Chick
3. Rock and Roll Is in My Soul
4. Hold Your Loving
5. Justine
6. You Better Know It
7. Now Do You Hear
8. Goin' Goin' Gone
9. Mary Little Mary
10. Mind Your Own Business
11. Guitar Pickin' Fool
12. Great Cooga-Mooga
13. Come Back Baby
14. Switchin' in the Kitchen
15. Hatti Malatti
16. Knocked Out

More Info:

Issued under the rightful title, More Boss Black Rockers, The Mojo Man was charged with the (enviable) task of bringing these albums to life. To achieve such an outcome, More Boss Black Rockers Vol. 1: Guitar Pickin' Fool continues it's exploration of Black African American rock 'n' roll by mining deep into the heart of a traditional rhythm and blues scene of 50's America that eventually became rock 'n' roll, and where you will hear established artists rubbing shoulders with the obscure. This is merely one segment of the attraction here, because the sounds blaring from the adjacent speakers is often wild in nature, raw and dangerous, just as it is scintillating, not to mention unhinged rock 'n' roll. Let's face it, it's the kinds of sounds that no doubt left many a jaw gaping as rock 'n' roll was ushered into the world for the very first time upon an innocent public, before evolving into the next big thing and continuing to resonate in the present with an equally feisty presence. Quick, to the tracks! Perusing the lengthy list of rock 'n' roll contenders from the setlist of More Boss Black Rockers Vol. 1: Guitar Pickin' Fool, any attempt to arrive at a favourite makes for an impossible task because, quite simply, there's not a dud in the house. Such realisation dawns once the opening bars of 'Chicken, Baby, Chicken' opens fire with the vocals of Tony Harris enough to propel this glorious track on it's own! Such charisma continues via the appropriately named 'Rock And Roll Is In My Soul' from Chuck Grey, to enjoying a moment under the halo of rock 'n' roll with plenty of brass and full band approach of Sammy Taylor and 'Switchin' In The Kitchen'. The intensity of rock 'n' roll continues via more knockout vocals from, this time, H-Bomb Ferguson during 'Mary Little Mary', to an altogether different approach of 'Goin' Goin' Gone' by vocal group The Jewels who warrant further investigation. Nathan Olsen-Haines (Koko Mojo Records)