Format: CD
Rel. Date: 08/19/2022
UPC: 4260085535095

Well-Tempered Clavier I (2pk)
Artist: J Bach .S. / Nosrati
Format: CD

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We are now in the year 2022: as chance would have it, this album's release coincides with the 300th anniversary of the first volume of the Well-Tempered Clavier. Our lifestyle has changed in many ways over the past three centuries. We travel at much greater speed; we develop an increasing number of technologies and digital means of communication. Trained specialists are responsible for every area of our lives. But have we truly made progress? Excessive global travel, as we know, has an alarming impact on climate. While many areas of our life become digital, communication is made simpler but ultimately only leads to mental lethargy, social isolation, and emotional impoverishment. Specialists turn out to be one-track minds who accumulate isolated bits of knowledge - indeed, as ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus remarked, "knowing many things doesn't teach insight." Insight thus not only requires for us to have knowledge, but also for us to broaden our horizons. And that is exactly what is so fascinating about the Well-Tempered Clavier.