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Format: Vinyl
Label: HHV.DE
Rel. Date: 11/27/2020
UPC: 4260116730048

Artist: Jazzbois
Format: Vinyl


1. Crumar
2. Elvin
3. HTC
4. Bois
5. Shabakh

More Info:

We are proud to present to you 'Jazzbois' the self titled EP from one of Hungary's most promising & exciting jazz outfits to emerge from the country's capital. Comprising of core members Bencze Molnar & Tamas Czirjak, 'Jazzbois' is a 5 track EP that's deep rooted in the realms of jazz & broken beat but also draws heavy inspiration from the realms of hip-hop, disco, funk, beats and beyond. Combined with slick synths, hypnotic basslines and in the pocket drums this release is sure to leave the listener with a constant 'stank face' throughout their listen. Tip!