MOSAIC - Old Mans Wyntar


Format: CD
Label: EISW
Rel. Date: 03/10/2017
UPC: 4260393740471

Old Mans Wyntar
Artist: MOSAIC
Format: CD


1. Incipit: Geherre
2. Onset of Wyntar
3. Im Winter
4. Chapter II: Zoubar ; Tunkalheyt
5. [Engl.: Magic ; Darkness]
6. Snowscape
7. White Gloom
8. Black Glimmer
9. Chapter III: Vröudenhüge ; Rouchnaht 1
10. [Engl: Joyful Reminiscence ; the Sacred Nights] 1
11. Silent World, Holy Awe 1
12. Vom Ersten Schnee (Bonus Material) 1
13. Silver Nights (Bonus Material)

More Info:

Deluxe hardcover CD edition. An homage to Winter in conception, an explosion of expressions in perception, Old Man's Wyntar is an astonishing masterpiece of soundscaping. It's highly complex structure takes the listener onto a many-faceted journey into the deepest realms of ice, snow and darkness. With a unique mix of Black Metal, Avant-garde, Neo-folk, ambient, Neue Deutsche Todeskunst and many other elements and influences, it lures the mind and beckons to venture beyond the borders of it's usual conversance. The course of the EP is shapeshifting between incantation, melancholy, desperation, fierce bitterness, harsh coldness and enticing tranquility. It's frostbitten, sharp sound entwines and channels the lyrical concept and musical fabric in towering manner toward the ecstasy of white, hostile solitude. Old Man's Wyntar's grave repercussions echo forth a long time after it's last note has died away; it's hard-to-grab multidimensionality and eerie temptation inflict succumbing to revisitating the ephemeral spheres this record conjures. This very special, extended version finally turns the EP into the treat of a Full-Length. Enhanced with an additional chapter, the total playing time advanced to an incredible 74 minutes of allurement that will see the last unfrozen souls enchanted. Complete with a thick A5 book, reworked and extended artwork and booklet, as well as full English translations of all lyrics for the first time ever.