Meteors - 40 Days A Rotting


Format: Vinyl
Label: Mutant Rock
Rel. Date: 04/05/2024
UPC: 4260435274117

40 Days A Rotting
Artist: Meteors
Format: Vinyl


1. The Blood Red Sea
2. Road Burn
3. Psychocybernation
4. Blood Moon
5. 40 Days a Rotting 03:00
6. Murder Party 03:16
7. I Ain't Lost (Don't Look for Me)
8. Seven Skulls
9. The Rage (Never Just for Fun)
10. The Devil Take Me Highway
11. Dead Man's Hand 03:40
12. Eyes Blood Red
13. Doom Time
14. In the Land of a Spider God

More Info:

40 Days a Rotting is the latest studio album by the undisputed Kings Of Psychobilly. 14 new tracks as uncompromising as ever and encompasses all the elements that have always made up The Meteors brand of Pure Psychobilly, mashing up rockabilly, country, surf and rocknroll. A sound woven by Paul Fenechs rockin guitar and bile-spitting Beelzebub-rousing lyrics. 40 Days a Rotting proves once again that despite some aspiring would-be usurpers The Meteors won't be giving up that crown anytime soon.