Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 11/03/2023
UPC: 4524135141286

Sea Horse [180 Gram]
Artist: Akira Miyazawa
Format: Vinyl

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'The legendary tenor saxophonist Akira Miyazawa (1927-2000), the legendary tenor saxophonist born in the Japanese jazz world, makes his extremely valuable live album into analog for the first time. Lively and creative performances are unfolding. Recorded in 1989. Akira Miyazawa (1927-2000) was a legendary jazz tenor sax and flue player. This live performance was recorded in 1989 and released as a CD first in 2002. Recorded live in Hamamatsu in December 1989. The sound of the instruments is recorded so clearly that it can be mistaken for a studio recording. The members are Masahiko Ozu (drums), who debuted with the Miyazawa Band and performed with Ornette Coleman and Sarah Vaughan, Harumi Takeuchi (piano) and Shunsuke Takeuchi (bass), who have performed live in various places based in Hamamatsu. Combination. 'Green Dolphin Street' starting with a sax solo, Ellington's famous song 'In a Sentimental Mood', original song 'Baby Sea Horse', 'If Ever I Wood' from the musical 'Camelot'┬ĚLeave You' and other tunes full of variety, all with superb tenor saxophone tones. The sound of this live-recording is clearly focusing on the band. You may think that this is a studio recording first because you barely hear the audience. Masahiko Ozu plays drums, who also worked with Ornette Coleman, Sarah Vaughan and many others. Takeuchi plays piano and Shunsuke Takeuchi plays bass. You can enjoy outstanding Miyazawa's tenor sax sound texture on all tracks including 'GREEN DOLPHIN STREET' starting with his solo improvisation, one of the most popular Ellington's composition 'IN A SENTIMENTAL MOOD', 'BABY SEA HORSE ' written by Miyazawa and 'IF EVER I WOULD LEAVE YOU' from the musical