Format: Vinyl
Label: Solid Records
Rel. Date: 10/07/2022
UPC: 4526180612803

Free Flight
Artist: Kazushi Inamura & Volume 1 Chapter 100
Format: Vinyl


1. Lonely
2. Hashing Boy
3. Free Flight Girl
4. If You Fall in Love
5. To That Girl
6. The Smell of February
7. East Naevo
8. If It Remains As It Is
9. Gokuu
10. Back All Right

More Info:

Solid Records delivers a reissue of Free Flight, a City Pop classic from Kazushi Inamura. This isn't a super funky City Pop LP, but instead a laid back groove that serves as a wonderful counterpoint to the upbeat City Pop jams that we all know and love!

A fresh melody and harmony reminiscent of Sugar Babe, a naked sound image, a masterpiece of early city pop illusion that has been attracting attention in recent years. Kazushi Inamura's debut work is reissued with an original special jacket specification.

The delicate vocals that spin groovy rhythms and beautiful melodies are like Sugar Babe in Hokkaido! At the time of debut, Tin Pan Array-Sugar Babe, who was scouted by Eiichi Ohtaki to Niagara, is a superb pop. Sound! The 1977 first album, which is famous as a masterpiece of city pop, is reissued with an original special jacket specification!