New Direction - Real Jazz


Format: CD
Label: Jinya Disc
Rel. Date: 07/05/2024
UPC: 4539113108069

Real Jazz
Artist: New Direction
Format: CD

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Another 'The Disintegration of the Sympathetic'.Masayuki Takayanagi and Kaoru Abe's 1970 studio live recording, 40 minutes of miracle!Miraculous discovery of Masayuki Takayanagi and Kaoru Abe's live studio recordings from 1970!A live studio performance of Masayuki Takayanagi's New Direction in 1970, which began to be oriented toward immediate improvisation without setting up any notated thematic motifs.40 minutes of continuous performance.*This work is based on sound reproduction of Takayanagi's own recordings on open reel tapes. The tapes were in a bad condition due to problems with the recording equipment and age-related deterioration, and have been restored. Although there are some parts that are difficult to hear, we have made this work because we consider it to be an important historical record.