Format: Vinyl
Label: Sony Japan
Rel. Date: 01/26/2024
UPC: 4547366618556

City Hunter - O.S.T.
Artist: City Hunter - O.S.T.
Format: Vinyl


1. Kahoru Kohiruimaki- City Hunter - Ai Yo Kienade
2. The City Crackers- Cool City
3. Yuko Ohtaki- Mr Private Eye
4. Ryoichi Kuniyoshi- Midnight Lightning
5. Yoshiaki Ohuchi*- Blue Air Message
6. TM Network- Get Wild
7. Ryoichi Kuniyoshi- the Ballad of the Silver Bullet
8. Kahoru Kohiruimaki- What's Goin' On'
9. Ryoichi Kuniyoshi- Blood on the Moon
10. Kiyomi Suzuki- Give Me Your Love Tonight

More Info:

An analog record of the first soundtrack of the TV animation "City Hunter" released in 1987. Contains a total of 10 songs, including theme songs such as "City Hunter -Love Don't Disappear-" (Kahoru Kohiruimaki) and "Get Wild" (TM NETWORK), as well as insert songs and instrumental songs.