Yoichi Takizawa - Leonids No Kanata Ni [Colored Vinyl] (Grn)


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 08/09/2024
UPC: 4547366675351

Leonids No Kanata Ni [Colored Vinyl] (Grn)
Artist: Yoichi Takizawa
Format: Vinyl

More Info:

Yoichi Takizawa's 'Leonids No Kanata Ni', which is highly acclaimed as a mystical masterpiece, has been reissued on vinyl!This album is a masterpiece of city pop music, perfected by Hiroshi Sato's brilliant arrangements and Yoichi Takizawa's talent as a melody maker! The participated musicians are Shuichi Murakami (drums), Tatsuo Hayashi (drums), Jun Aoyama (drums), Shigeru Suzuki (guitar), Tsunehide Matsuki (guitar), Masaki Matsubara (guitar), Yuji Toriyama (guitar), Hiroshi Sato (keyboards), Naoya Matsuoka (acoustic piano) Kenji Takamizu (Bass), Hiroki Ito (Bass), and others. The analog reissue was cut from the original master tapes based on the high-spec sound data digitally converted to 96KHz/24bit and pressed at the Sony Music factory in Japan. Transparent yellow-green vinyl. LISTEN:https://open. Spotify. com/album/3lT5sPOR4AAyALIvCHYdy6Tracklist:Side A1. Saishuu Bus2. HIGH UP TO THE SKY3. Memorandum4. Leonids No Kanata Ni5. Shiroi Toki no Nagare Ni Side B1. Yasashii Asa No Tameni 2. Last Story3. Shiokaze no Lullaby4. New Caledonia5. Marina Highway