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Format: Vinyl
Label: CBIA
Rel. Date: 10/23/2020
UPC: 4549767091891

Artist: Yumi Murata
Format: Vinyl


1. I Don't Know What to Say
2. Miscalculation of Pygmalion
3. The Bottom of the Mind
4. Media Spell
5. My Bus
6. Love Blanket (Two in a Blanket)
7. Dreaming Himiko (Himiko Dreamin')
8. Everyone Lies (A Conscious Lie)
9. Rakuchin

More Info:

Yumi Murata's second album with Mariah. It's a beautiful, stateless ambient record with it's halting vocals, which reflect the sonic experiments of Shimizu Yasuaki. Mariah, at a time when she was leaning towards hard rock; she used this song as a starting point to steer her into the new wave.