Touyama Hitomi - Sexy Robot Edit & Backing Tracks Ep (Ep)


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 08/09/2024
UPC: 4549767188379

Sexy Robot Edit & Backing Tracks Ep (Ep)
Artist: Touyama Hitomi
Format: Vinyl


1. Sexy Robot (Muro Edit)
2. Wanna Kiss (Muro Edit)
3. Tuxedo Connection (Dimitri from Paris Edit)
4. Sexy Robot (Off Vocal Version)
5. Kiss Shitai -Wanna Kiss- (Off Vocal Version)
6. Tuxedo Connection (Off Vocal Version)

More Info:

'Hitomi Toyama's 'SEXY ROBOT' is popular not only in Japan but also in the world as a masterpiece of city pop and 80s boogie. This album includes edited versions of 'SEXY ROBOT,' 'WANNA KISS,' and 'TUXEDO CONNECTION,' which are especially popular among them. SEXY ROBOT' and 'WANNA KISS' were released only on 7' in 2015 and are now highly-priced edited versions by MURO, while 'TUXEDO CONNECTION' was newly edited by disco/house legend DJ Dimitri From Paris), and Side B features a new edited version by disco/house legend DJ Dimitri From Paris! Side B contains an off-vocal version of the original version (both are the first commercialized versions!). The tight rhythm of the drumulator and the The vintage backing track with tight rhythm by Drumulator and groovy synth bass by Hiroyuki Namba stimulates new musical sensibility!