neconemuru - Jikka No Kagi


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 02/09/2024
UPC: 4560452131340

Jikka No Kagi
Artist: neconemuru
Format: Vinyl

More Info:

Neconemuru, having had 20 years anniversary in 2022 after forming, will release their 4th album for the 1st time in 6 years. It is a work full of unchangeable 'neconemuru tunes' by reflecting changes of their daily living environment and mind occurred to each member after taking a long break due to Covid-19. There are 14 tracks including 'Almost Unemployed' with impressive guitar Riff in the air and marimba which was released on streaming in advanced. Jacket artwork designed by Kaoru Masuda (Omoide Yaro A Team) and Engineer is Dr. Nishihira (STUDIO LUB LAB). neconemuru profile Formed in Osaka in 2002. Running a music label 'Kongari Ongaku' with Oshiri Pen Penz & DODDODO. At all scales of events and festivals, they have been performing the unique and danceable music in their own way for 20 years. To explain their music simply, it is as a 'fart' when losing the strength due to thinking too much and and getting lost about how they should differentiate from amazing older artists and musicians. However, the harmony of that 'fart' was strangely nice sound, they realized. Current members are 6 in total: Yudai Mori (Gt), Ito Cooperation inc. (Ba), BIOMAN (SYNTH), Kurihara Pedal (Gt), Akihiro Miki (Dr), Sairi Ojima (SYNTH). Each member also performs as a unit band and solo and forms a huge people tree. LISTEN:https://open. spotify. com/album/4Fsnhj4cLcjuYKwZLYd9paTrack List:Side A01 Two lamb skewers02 Almost Unemployed03 Gloomy country04 Authentic Chinese 05 Fishing 06 Amazing viewpoint07 Hot spring Side B01 Good boy / girl02 Chikuwa tempura03 Driving04 Summer festival05 Parent's home key (Jikka no Kagi)06 Even when I grow up