Thiiird Place - This Is Thiiird Place


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 06/21/2024
UPC: 4560452131616

This Is Thiiird Place
Artist: Thiiird Place
Format: Vinyl

More Info:

Thiiiird Place, a 13-piece Afro-soul jazz band with a borderless and ageless identity and a sincere message, has released their masterpiece 1st full album 'This is Thiiiird Place'!The long-awaited first album by Thiiiird Place, a band with a sound based on Afro-soul, Latin, and jazz, and a pop-ness, euphoria, and message for everyone. Including the first single 'Shoes' which became a hot topic due to Yasuhi Konishi's recommendation, 'ears' which has a Caribbean-Cuban taste, and the energetic R&B/soul number 'Sotara Dodosho', which are familiar at live performances but have not been distributed on subscription. A total of 9 songs with a wide variety, including Pat Metheny's cover 'Last Train Home. ' The sound produced by the gathering of unique musicians who support various bands and projects, including Miyu Sugana, the leader of Shimokitazawa LIVE HAUS, which rose up during the coronavirus pandemic, and Enya Yuima, the vocalist of Supercats, and the sincere message that is sent out resonates in this era. The mastering engineer is e-mura (Bim One Production), and the jacket artwork and design are by graphic designer Masakazu Kitayama. Thiiird Place profileFormed in December 2021. The origin of the band's name is 'a place where everyone can gather safely, not at home, not at work, not at school. ' A band with a sound based on Afro-soul, Latin, and jazz that will delight music fans, as well as a pop-ness, euphoria, and a sincere message for everyone. A 13-piece band with a mix of unique vocalists and performers. Thiiiird Place is a band that is like a town where 13 individuals come together. Their first live performance in December 2021 was described in a music magazine's live report as 'the birth of a band that is needed in this era. ' As a band with a borderless, ageless identity and a sincere message similar to Sly & the Family Stone-SUPERORGANISM, they are the music that truly lives in this era. The members include Yu Sugana, who is in charge of LIVE HAUS, a live house/club that started up during the coronavirus pandemic, Yuima Enya, Andy Nagashima (aTTn), Koichiro Toyoda (Soul Baybase), Shunsuke Fukuda from tommgn, who is active as a DJ/composer, and Shiine. Haruka, tadashi (Japonica Song Sun Bunch/GORO GOLO), Shinya Inoue and Kotaro Matsuda, who support various bands and projects as players, and Shinichi Hara, ayumi, and Shinpei Ikeda from the horn section. He became a current member in May 2022 and started his activities in earnest. The 1st 7inch record 'Shoes' released in April 2023 caused a lot of attention in the Tokyo live scene and club scene. Co-stars so far include asuka ando, deadbeatpainters, ROMANTIC BABALU, Tetsuro Yafune, Yasuyo Konishi, DEADKEBAB & PSYCHIC$, ROOTSTRIBE DUB SEPTET, Osaka Monorail, ASOUND, Omoide Yaro A Team, GROUP, Keiichi Sogabe, Roboshu & VIDEOTAPEMUSIC, Tenniscoats, HEI TANAKA, Ahh! Folly Jet, Masatomo Yoshizawa, XTAL, wack wack rhythm band, Emerson Kitamura, TAMTAM, KONCOS, de Lorians, The Ratel, SAI (Ms. Machine), Matsuda CHABE, DJ Small Circle of Friends etc. Track list:Side AA1 Welcome to Thiiiird PlaceA2 ShoesA3 earsA4 Then, what should we do?A5 healing song (Pharoah Sanders cover)Side BB1 a (hey)B2 Looking at the same cityB3 This placeB4 Last train home (Pat Metheny cover)