Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 04/22/2023
UPC: 4571167369515

Boom Dynamite [Indie Exclusive] [Indie Exclusive]
Artist: Courettes
Format: Vinyl

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A carefully selected best compilation that will be presented to the Japanese fans of The Courettes, who made their debut in Japan last year and ran through the archipelago with Guitar Wolf. Another knockout is inevitable! Don't miss the cute, pop, girly and wild 'treasure box' of The Courettes!The jacket design reminiscent of The Ronettes' 'Presenting The Fabulous Ronettes Featuring Veronica', the title 'Back in Mono' instead of 'Back to Mono', Phil Spector's magic is revived. Wall of Sound, Garage/Surf Rock'n'Roll, Retro Pop, Oldies & Goodies... The Courettes, whose seductive keywords come to mind one after another, are a bassless unit by Mr. And Mrs. Couli, Riot Girl from Brazil on vocals, guitar and piano, and Flavia and Martin from Denmark on drums and percussion. The keyboard of Soren Christensen, who is also a producer, is added to it, and invites you to the world of sparkling vintage pop'n roll. With the release of the shocking debut album 'Here Are the Courettes' and the second album 'We Are the Courettes', it became a hot topic not only in Denmark, but also in Germany and the United Kingdom, and became a heavy rotation in each country. Like a Cigarette', the electric number 'Hop the Twig', and 'RINGO' dedicated to Ringo Starr. Finally debuted in Japan with 'In Mono'. Of course, the 'mono mix' is handled by Japan's proud pop maestro, Kiyoki Sato of Microstar. The sweet, sad, hot and cool '60's sound' is back in the 21st century!