Dae-Kim Hwan - Echoes Of Empty: Live At Gallery Mai 1994


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 05/17/2024
UPC: 4573461450289

Echoes Of Empty: Live At Gallery Mai 1994
Artist: Dae-Kim Hwan
Format: CD

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An album commemorating the 20th anniversary of the passing of Kim Dae-Hwan, a super artist born in Korea.On July 31, 1994, Kim Dae-Hwan's 'Exhibition & Concert of Fine Sculpture and Calligraphy' was held at the Gallery Mai at Hofu City. This was a memorable stage where Kim Dae-Hwan performed surrounded by his own works for the first time.The co-stars are Kim Dae-Hwan's Japanese and Korean allies, Choi Sun Bae, Shonosuke Okura, and Junji Hirose.This album is also the 30th anniversary album of Chap Chap Records.