Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 10/13/2023
UPC: 4573471822076

2000 Nanchara Uchu No Tabi / Yotei Ha Miteide
Artist: Rhymester
Format: Vinyl

More Info:

To commemorate the release of Rhymester's album, 6 7-inch analog titles will be released!In commemoration of the release of Rhymester's first full album in 6 years 'Open The Window' on June 21st, 6 7-inch analog titles will be released!Among hip-hop groups, Rhymester has a strong commitment to analog records, and has actively released their major works on analog records. Yutaka Kimura (Central67), who also works on album artwork, was in charge of the design. In addition to all songs from the new album 'Open The Window', the theme song 'After 6 (After 6 Junction Version)' for Utamaru's regular TBS radio program 'After 6 Junction Version' will be recorded for the first time. With the announcement of the first full-length album in six years, a nationwide tour, and the first performance at the Budokan in 17 years, member Mummy-D's solo project has started, and Rhymester's multifaceted activities are attracting attention. LISTEN:https://open. Spotify. com/album/1sBxBLRt95KpL931M0VxyShttps://open. Spotify. com/album/0y2axb7Be258ffJ0WpGZNGTracklist:A1. 2000 Nanchara uchu no tabiB1. Yotei ha miteide