Yamaguchi, Mioko - Fairythm


Format: Vinyl
Label: Lawson Ent
Rel. Date: 05/24/2024
UPC: 4573471824490

Artist: Yamaguchi, Mioko
Format: Vinyl

More Info:

'Mioko Yamaguchi's original albums 'Tokisakashima', 'FLOMA', and 'Fairythm / FAIRYTHM' have been released as analog versions! An original album following 'Tokisakashima', which was the first release since the masterpiece 'Tsukihime'. Bold changes and dramatic evolution brought about by unleashed sensitivity and penetrating storytelling. A dark fantasy of light and darkness woven together on an overwhelming scale begins with the theme of 'fairies, good and evil.' One of the highlight songs, 'Dr. Karigari', features SUGIZO on guitar! In the opening instrumental song 'FAIRYTHM -Jyoshou-,' the particles of pure sound from a music box floating in the vast land herald the beginning of a new story and hint at the existence of secrets that are about to be unraveled. Accompanied by mystical strings that gradually intertwine, you are transported into unreality.