Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary - Presents My Bestie Voice Collection Sanrio Cha


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 07/05/2024
UPC: 4580055363641

Presents My Bestie Voice Collection Sanrio Cha
Artist: Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary
Format: CD


1. ????????????????/????
2. ??? NAKAYOKU!????????????/?? ?
3. ???????????????????????/?????
4. ???????????????/????
5. ??????????????????/? ??(Buddiis)
6. ?? - ???????-???????????????????/????
7. ????????????????/????
8. ???????????????/????
9. Greedy Greedy??????/?? ?
10. ????????????????????/?????
11. ???? Milky Way?????????????/????
12. ?????????????????/????
13. Kawaii Festival?/???????(????)
14. ???????????????/???????(????)

More Info:

Sanrio Co., Ltd.'s popular character "Hello Kitty" was born in 1974 and is celebrating it's 50th anniversary this year, 2024. For half a century, we have continued to deliver 'kawaii' to the world and convey the importance of 'friendship' and 'compassion' to everyone. Through this process, several songs were born that we would like to leave behind for the future, sung by Hello Kitty and her friends. Nowadays, there are famous songs that are nostalgic, as well as new songs that were created along with the birth and growth of characters. A dream collaboration between long-loved Sanrio character songs, a number of sparkling songs selected from parade and show songs, and the top-level "voices" of the 12 people selected this time.