Uyama Hiroto - Moon Child / Bliss Of Landing


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 03/29/2024
UPC: 4580278266941

Moon Child / Bliss Of Landing
Artist: Uyama Hiroto
Format: Vinyl

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Song selection and supervision = Toru Hashimoto x Artwork = Jiro Fujita, and the first volume of the new compilation series 'Incense Music' mastered by Calm, a top Japanese artist of jazz - chill out - Balearic. 'Incense Music for Bed Room' 7 inch single cut from!SIDE-A, which contains the latest tracks recorded by Hiroto Uyama for the same compilation, is a wonderful cover of Pharoah Sanders' famous song 'Moon Child. ' SIDE-AA includes the spiritual and mellow masterpiece 'Bliss of Landing' from Yoshiharu Takeda's 2018 first album 'Aspiration', an up-and-coming composer/keyboardist who has been praised by many artists!The first edition of the ultimate lifestyle compilation that proposes domestic and international ambient - jazz - chill out - Balearica - post-classical - jazzy & mellow beats as music for a comfortable life is the time spent in the Bed Room. A compilation of soothing music perfect for. Two 7-inch vinyl titles including the new recordings included in this album have been released, so please enjoy the wonderful music representing the album on vinyl. The 7-inch single (IMWVR-1029) released at the same time combines haruka nakamura's newly recorded homage to Bill Evans' masterpiece and Nobuyuki NAKAJIMA's cover of Vinicius de Moraes' masterpiece!Artists ProfileUyama Hiroto https://roph. Net/He became familiar with music from an early age due to the influence of his uncle, who was also a jazz guitarist. Since 'Letter From Yokosuka' he has been involved in many nujabes works and has performed with them on numerous live shows. In 2008, he released his first album, 'A Son Of The Sun'. After Nujabes passed away in 2010, he became involved in the production of works such as the 'Luv (sic) series' and 'spiritual state', and also participated as an artist. After that, in 2013, he launched roph recordings in order to aim for even more pure music. In 2014, he released his second album 'Freedom of the Son', which was his first in 6 years since his previous album. In addition to featuring Cise Star, Pase Rock, and Fat Jon, who he has been friends with since his days at hydeout productions, the song is a sequel to his first album. In addition, in 2016, they released their third album 'Freeform Jazz', two years after their second album. The content strongly emphasizes the Japanese identity and stands out from previous works as a proposal for a new Japanese Free Jazz, and it's originality has attracted not only Japanese but also overseas listeners, such as being featured on HYPEBEAST overseas. It also received many excellent reviews. He is currently working on music for his new album. (From the official website)Yoshiharu TakedaFantastic music that expresses fluctuations, flows, and contours. Yoshiharu Takeda lives in Tokyo and is an up-and-coming composer/arranger/keyboard player and music selector. Around 2000, he studied music theory on his own and started producing music by composing and arranging on the piano and keyboard. His first album 'Aspiration' released in 2018 received praise from Calm and Kaoru Inoue, and after listening to the album, Soichiro Suzuki (World Standard) fell in love with his talent and released his second album 'Before The Blessing' in 2022 from the label. It beautifully expresses the wildness hidden within sophistication and the movement contained in stillness, further deepening the sound world that only Yoshiharu Takeda can create. It has been highly praised by many music lovers. Tracklist:Side A01. Uyama Hiroto / Moon ChildSide AA01. Yoshiharu Takeda / Bliss of Landing