Format: CD
Rel. Date: 04/21/2023
UPC: 4582546597085

Invisible Queen (Bonus Cd) [With Booklet] (Jpn)
Artist: Holy Moses
Format: CD


1. Downfall of Mankind
2. Cult of the Machine
3. Order Out of Chaos
4. Invisible Queen
5. Alternative Reality
6. The New·Nome
7. Visions in Red
8. Outcasts
9. Forces Great and Hidden
10. Too Far Gone
11. Depersonalized
12. Through the Veils of Sleep
13. Downfall of Mankind (Feat. Marloes Voskill - Hariflon)
14. Cult of the Machine (Feat. Bobby Ellsworth - Overkill)
15. Order Out of Chaos (Feat. Diva Satanica - Nervosa)
16. Invisible Queen (Feat. Ingo Bayonsak - Assassin/Bonded)
17. Alternative Reality (Feat. Tom Angelripper - Sodom)
18. The New Gnome (Feat. Chris Storr) Back - Courageous)
19. Visions in Red (Feat. Regina - Demonesque)
20. Outcasts (Feat. Raif Jensen - Due Sented)
21. Forces Great and Hidden (Feat. Guelle - Tankard)
22. Too Far Gone (Feat. Jens Kidman - Meshuggah)
23. Di Personalized (Feat. Daniela Curler - Headshot)
24. Through the Veils of Sleep (Feat. Rikers)

More Info:

Japanese edition features a bonus CD. Holy Moses, led by the original thrash queen Sabina Klassen, has released it's final album, a masterpiece that is as fast and furious as it has been since the 80's, and is a perfect way to end the year! Disc 2 features guest appearances by Bobby Ellsworth (Overkill), Tom Angelripper (Sodom), Guelle (Tankard), Jens Kidman (Meshuggah), Diva Satanica (Nervosa) and more! Includes a Japanese explanation book. Includes bilingual lyrics. This product will be on sale on Friday, so it will be delivered on or after the day of release.