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Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 08/30/2019
UPC: 4589753350533

Jupiter & Mars (Original Soundtrack) (Post) [Download Included]
Artist: Jon Atkinson Post Dlcd
Format: Vinyl


1. (We Are) Shooting Stars
2. Sea Foam
3. Dolphin Dreams
4. Enter the Vortex
5. Jupiter and Mars
6. The Orca
7. The Calf
8. A Mother's Child
9. And Suddenly He Was Gone 1
10. Keep Your Wits About Yours 1
11. Descending Into Darkness 1
12. Detached 1
13. Descending Into Chaos 1
14. Descending Into Dreams 1
15. Ghosts of the Past 1
16. Cities and Consequences 1
17. Dolphin Drive 1
18. Lord of the Deep 1
19. Cities 2
20. To Be with You Again

More Info:

Double vinyl LP pressing. Includes digital download and poster. When the Tigertron team set out to create the soundtrack for Jupiter & Mars, an underwater adventure game starring two dolphins, they wanted to leave an impression, and that meant moving away from the type of music one might find in a nature documentary, as beautiful as that may be. Instead, as with every aspect of the game's development, the team had to be very specific about the kind of soundtrack it created for the game's ruined future Earth. Therefore, Tigertron enlisted Jon Atkinson, touring drummer with Howard Jones and Kim Wilde, multi-instrumentalist and TV and film composer. Jon's enthusiasm and breadth of experience would make for a versatile collaborator to develop Jupiter & Mars' soundtrack.