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Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 12/18/2020
UPC: 4589753350748

King Of Fighters '98 - The Definitive Soundtrack
Artist: Hideki Sha-V Asanaka Rmst
Format: Vinyl


1. Cipher (Title)
2. Cipher ß (MVS Title)
3. Ok? (Operation Explanation)
4. The King of Fighters (Player Select)
5. Esaka? (Heroes Team)
6. W (Victory Demo)
7. Kurikinton - Gomame Guitar Ver. - (Fatal Fury Team)
8. Japan (Japan Stage Introduction Se)
9. Art of Fight (Art of Fighting Team)
10. Rumbling on the City (Ikari Team)
11. Shin! Senritsu No Dora (Psycho Soldier Team)
12. Fairy (Women Fighters Team)
13. Choi Bounge Ondo (Choi Bounge Appearance)
14. Korea (Korea Stage Introduction Se)
15. Seoul Town (Kim Team)
16. Bloody (Orochi Team)
17. In Spite of One's Age (Oyaji Team)
18. Spain (Spain Stage Introduction Se)
19. C62 (Ryuji Yamazaki)
20. Blue Mary's Blues (Blue Mary)
21. London March (Billy Kane)
22. Intrusion (Intrusion Player Select)
23. Stormy Saxophone 2(Yagami Team)
24. USA (America Stage Introduction Se)
25. Slum No.5 (American Sports Team)
26. Still Green (Shingo Yabuki)
27. The ?R (Rugal Bernstein)
28. Esaka Forever (Kyo Kusanagi Vs Iori Yagami)
29. Cool Jam (Iori Yagami Vs Kyo Kusanagi)
30. Rhythmic Hallucination (Orochi Yashiro)
31. Fanatic Waltz (Orochi Shermie)
32. Mad Fantasy (Orochi Chris)
33. Ne! ('94 Women Fighters Team)
34. Esaka (Kyo Kusanagi)
35. Stormy Saxphone (Iori Yagami)
36. Revive (Continue)
37. Get Advantage (Continue Service)
38. X (Before Boss Order Select)
39. ··· (Boss Appearance Demo 1)
40. XX (Boss Appearance Demo 2)
41. Blacknoah (Boss Stage Introduction Se)
42. XXX (Boss Stage)
43. Last Dance (Boss Vanishing Demo 1)
44. Time (Boss Vanishing Demo 2)
45. Zero (Staff Roll)

More Info:

KOF '98 is one of the most beloved titles in SNK's premiere fighting game series due to it's innovative competitive gameplay and catchy soundtrack, which was composed by SNK veteran Hideki "sha-v" Asanaka, alongside Konny, Tate Norio, Yamapy-1, Ackey, Papaya, Shimizm, Marimo and Shibakichi, all of whom were members of NEO SOUND ORCHESTRA.