Format: CD
Label: Medium
Rel. Date: 01/26/2024
UPC: 4595987217016

Medium Ambient Collection 2023 / Various
Artist: Medium Ambient Collection 2023 / Various
Format: CD

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Utsunomiya, Tochigi-based writer/producer Masanori Nozawa, who has been producing outstanding dance music/ambient chillout works, has announced a major work dedicated to the Japanese ambient scene on his electronic music label 'MEDIUM'!!This is a masterpiece that we strongly recommend as an album that deserves to be called the 'Kankyo Ongaku' of the 2020s.'Medium Ambient Collection 2023' is a long-awaited 2CD box set of ambient compilation albums curated by a wide range of musicians based in various parts of Japan from a modern and clear perspective, regardless of their production methods.The previous album was inundated with orders as soon as it became available for pre-order, and the first pressing was almost exclusively pre-ordered, with the emergency repressing sold out immediately!24 songs by all 24 participating artists including 1 bonus track, 2CD box with hologram rainbow engraved on the cover + 52 page booklet + stickers!!This album is a monumental compilation album that shows the extremes of ambient music today, with diverse perspectives of electronica, post-classical, chiptune, underground techno, Willam Basinski-esque sophistication, vaporwave and beyond, and harmony with nature, all in the form of voices, concrete sounds, popping synthesizers, spiritual electronic sounds, low-bit sounds, clear, sustained sounds, and beautiful pianos.It is a collection of clear moments in which artists from a wide variety of scenes develop ambient as a new scene centered on the present.