Format: Special Product
Label: Franklin
Rel. Date: 06/24/2021
UPC: 4897096360141

Lv4-D Talking English Spanish Dictionary
Artist: Franklin
Format: Special Product

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Talking Dictionary. Student Dictionary. Talking Phrase Book

Designed with students and language learners in mind for both native Spanish speakers ornative English speakers to augment their proficiency. A must-have in a portable format with itscontents designed with you in mind!

Built-in Dictionaries

  • Large, Powerful, and Professional Dictionaries are integrated.

Phrase Books

  • Covers from many most common phrases with a vast majority of topics everyday expressions tospecific phrases.


  • Lessons, Tests, and Grammar.


  • Speaks words and phrases for all languages.
  • True and native human voice.

Expand Language

  • Regional language cards are available for your choice.


  • LCD 4.5" mono-color LED Backlight, 320 x 160 dots, about 14 lines x 65 characters.


Talking Dictionary

  • Great English - Spanish Dictionary 150,000 words, 1.000.000 Translations
  • Great English - English dictionary (80.000 headwords, 250.000 Translations)
  • English Medical Dictionary (46,000 headwords, 500.000 Translations)
  • English Drug Dictionary (5,700 headwords 150.000 Translations)
  • Great Spanish - English Dictionary 150,000 words, 1.000.000 Translations
  • Spanish -Spanish Dictionary (65,000 headwords & 300,000 words)

Talking Phrase Book

  • English-Spanish-English Phrase Book (7,000 phrases).
  • Covers most common words, phrases, idioms grammar, sentence patterns, and everyday all general categories, such as: tourism, health, business, law, military, and education, etc.


  • True human pronunciation for Spanish and English.
  • Optional Computer Pronunciation provides a slower pace by separately pronouncing each individualword in the phrase can help one to clearly distinguish the correct pronunciation for each word.
  • Speaks all Spanish and English Phrases, Words, or Phrases in built-in Dictionary and Phrase Book.
  • Adjustable audio speed lets you hear the voice in a natural expression or a slower speed can help you tofollow the voice pronunciation.
  • Recording your pronunciation to match with the native speaker.

Grammar and Learning Course:

Contains English Lessons and Inflections.

  • 10 English Lessons and English Phonics designed by professional English Teachers.
  • 15 English Classic Novels with audio.
  • 200 English Encyclopedic articles with audio.
  • English Irregular Verb Dictionary 840 words.
  • English Verb Conjugation 7,000 headwords.
  • English Noun Inflection 30,000 headwords.
  • English Adjective Inflection 12,000 headwords.
  • English Synonym 15,000 words, Antonym 12,000 words.
  • English Vocabulary, TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, GRE, SAT, and TOEIC.
  • English Tests, TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, SAT, Grammar, and Vocabulary.
  • Game Tests of Conjumania, Guess the Word, and Hangman.
  • Introduction of English Grammar and Tense.

Contains Spanish Conjugations and Inflections.

  • Spanish Tests.
  • Spanish Primary Vocabulary.
  • Lesson of Spanish Phonics.

User Interface:

  • Built-in Universal Search Engine allows you to input any phrases or examples, keywords or words,easy to locate a word or phrase which is needed at the moment.
  • Lookup and Cross Search any words, keywords, or phrases in the different dictionaries.
  • User Dictionary contains Add New Words, Favorite, and History.
  • Expandable Regional Language Packs for 60 languages for your choice.
  • MSD (Micro SD card) and USB connection.
  • Zoom/Enlarge LCD.
  • 2 AAA Batteries required (included).
  • Earphone Jack and earphones included.