Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 05/05/2023
UPC: 4988031519578

Ameagari No Machi
Artist: Ameagari No
Format: Vinyl


1. Rain
2. City after the rain
3. Why don't you come to my house?
4. Meet you
5. I'm happy
6. Gently you
7. Tram
8. A story that you should have forgotten
9. Los Angeles
10. If you remember
11. Too Busy Today

More Info:

The 2nd album 'Ame agari no Machi', which was released in 1973 by Tomio Terada, a rare melody maker who made his major debut as the first Japanese artist on the MGM label in 1972, has been highly acclaimed as a masterpiece of cafe rock. The first LP reprint! A masterpiece of Japanese folky and mellow groove that combines the sounds of Tomio Terada and Hiro Yanagida, a former April Fool's Day.