Chihiro Onitsuka - Sugar High [Limited Edition] [Remastered]


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 12/15/2023
UPC: 4988031600207

Sugar High [Limited Edition] [Remastered]
Artist: Chihiro Onitsuka
Format: Vinyl

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Chihiro Onitsuka's original first 3 albums, released when she was a member of Toshiba EMI, has been made into an analog record for the first time. Why did she appear like a comet in the early 2000s and receive overwhelming support? The answer lies in these first three original albums. Chihiro Onitsuka's 3rd album released on December 11, 2002. It was released in just 9 months since the previous album 'This Armor', and since no singles have been released during that time, the songs on the album are all new songs. They also took the unprecedented step of performing the entire album at Nippon Budokan before it's release. The theme is a return to the roots, going back to Chihiro Onitsuka's absolute base of 'singing and piano, ' and boldly projecting a more minimalist and more refined worldview. A piece that will forever resonate in your heart with a deep passion that resembles a prayer. Latest remastering in 2023LISTEN: https://open. Spotify. com/album/0n9urEtnfxejJKKIbSD3RoTrack list:SIDE-A01. Not Your God02. Koe03. Rebel Luck04. Tiger in my LoveSIDE-B01. Castle Imitation (album version)02. Drifting Feathers03. Sand Shield04. King of Solitude05. Borderline