- Visions - Limited Edition - SHM+DVD


Format: CD
Label: EMI Import
Rel. Date: 03/15/2024
UPC: 4988031627815

Visions - Limited Edition - SHM+DVD

1. All This Time
2. Steering at the Wall
3. Paradise
4. Queen of the Sea
5. Visions
6. Running
7. I Just Wanna Dance
8. I'm Awake
9. Swept Up in the Night
10. On My Way
11. Alone with My Thoughts 12
12. That's Life
13. Can You Believe (Bonus Track)
14. Just a Little Bit (Live in Japan) (DVD)
15. Thinking About Yout (Live in Japan) (DVD)
16. Don't Know Whyt (Live in Japan) (DVD)

More Info:

Japanese SHM-CD pressing includes a bonus track on the audio disc, Can You Believe. The bonus DVD (NTSC/Region 0) features three live tracks performed live in Japan during her 2022 tour there. Universal. 2024.