Asami Kado - La Fleur Bleue (Blue) [Colored Vinyl]


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 09/06/2024
UPC: 4988031647387

La Fleur Bleue (Blue) [Colored Vinyl]
Artist: Asami Kado
Format: Vinyl


1. Koko Ni Iruno
2. Yume No Oto
3. Madobe No Shouzou
4. Aozora Wo Daiteitai
5. Hotori
6. Oriental Flash
7. Taikutsu to Futatsu No Tsuki
8. Mutsugoto
9. Shiroi Hana to Akai Hana
10. Fomalhaut

More Info:

Asami Kado made her debut on September 5, 1979. She rarely appeared in the media, but her sophisticated music image was highly appreciated in the music scene at that time.In 1987, she released two albums produced by Yukihiro Takahashi. Her delicate voice is quietly fragrant under his production.This is Asami Kado's 10th and practically her last album, released in 1988. Continuing from the previous album, Yukihiro Takahashi was the producer. The album features a total of 10 songs by participating musicians, including Yukihiro Takahashi (Drums, Keyboards, Vocal), Takeshi Kobayashi (Keyboards), Yoko Kanno (Keyboards), Kenji Omura (Guitar), Rei Obara (Bass), Hitoshi Watanabe (Bass), and Raji (Cho).The crystal-clear aesthetic that can be felt from the album title is still one of a kind.