Yusuke Shima - Silent Jazz Case 5


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 07/26/2024
UPC: 4988044098565

Silent Jazz Case 5
Artist: Yusuke Shima
Format: CD

More Info:

A blissful jazz journey of deep silence with music.The latest in the 'Silent Jazz Case' series by trumpet player Yusuke Shima!Their last album, Silent Jazz Case 4, released three years ago, was a hit on Spotify with over 1 million plays in more than 160 countries.And like the previous album, this one also features Yusuke Kono on piano, Riku Sugiura on bass, and Makoto Otsu on drums, so we can expect some hot jazz led by a strong rhythm section.Tracklist1. Twenty minutes, let me rest2. Night cherry blossom sweet rain3. Tenjin be-bop4. Museum in Green5. Unzen Kirinaka6. Chillin' Sonezaki7. Sunset like a persimmon8. Silent Dancer9. Whisper of Rain10. Take the S line11. Floating Ocean12. Sunrise on the Bell